Part Innovation 

Part Rebellion

Welcome Aboard

Our mission is to be a solution provider in the travel and transportation industry as we believe in honoring everyone's right to travel freely, unencumbered, and without discrimination.


Our goal is to bring joy and wonder back into travel and the hospitality industry.

We are building an ecosystem of like-minded members, partners, and businesses to ensure and safeguard our rights as sovereign citizens which includes the right to move about the world as a freedom traveler.


Join us as we celebrate and highlight these new partnerships with businesses, communities, cities, states and countries who align with our goals to preserve our inalienable rights.



Freedom Travel Alliance (FTA) is a business developed to serve members, customers, and partners who share common values and goals.  

It is critical to note that our goal is to BE the alternative to sea, land, and air travel just as humanly and as divinely as possible!

Some might say we are building this plane as we fly it!

We appreciate our early supporters who have come abroad to help us build this business.

We will be providing our own alternatives to commercial travel, which will be rolled out once we are officially launched.  We understand our natural traveler's needs and we plan to cater to them.  We want to be clear on our role as it pertains to testing, tracking, and the slave passport. We can not support or encourage any unlawful acts that would put our members in jeopardy; instead, we seek creative solutions and point you to the experts and resources leading the charge in such areas as the World Freedom Alliance.

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We are seeking those Freedom Providers, those who are solution-based organizations and businesses to provide our like-minded members with YOUR information to get connected to support one other and close the circle creating an insular environment.

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WE know the power in numbers!

By creating a Members Lounge we look to foster interaction and connections.  We want our members to meet both online and in real life through the events and excursions we create and partner with.

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Boat on Lake


We are curating a collection of travel excursions for our Natural Health FREEDOM MEMBERS in popular hubs around the globe to partner with accommodations, transport, spa, meeting

and faith leaders.