The evolution of how we travel starts here

We are building a new ecosystem that respects the right to movement and travel without discrimination for all of our community members.


Listen in on conversations between FTA Officers and friends, colleagues, and changemakers, who are working together to create real solutions in the face of current challenges.

Our mission is to BE THE solution provider in the travel and transportation industry, as we believe in honoring everyone's right to travel freely, unencumbered, and without discrimination.

Our goal is to bring joy and wonder back into travel and the hospitality industry. 

We are building an ecosystem of like-minded members, partners, and businesses to ensure and safeguard our rights as sovereign beings  which includes the right to move about the world as a freedom traveler.


Join us as we celebrate and highlight these new partnerships with businesses, communities, cities, states and countries who align with our goals to preserve our inalienable rights.


Contact us at: hello@freedomtravelalliance.com

Thanks to all of you!

Gisella Ingraffia

"Thank you so much for a splendid initiative ! Freedom is the most important thing."

Tom Wright

"I'm a member, i joined because i admire people with courage trying to do something positive."


"I am a French National Living in the UK and joined FTA in January. I want to thank Dolores and the rest of the team and will continue to support."

Why we are doing it ?

Kalina Lux
Puerto Rico

"This is amazing, they just announced starting next week in Puerto Rico that all airbnb and hotel guests must be vaccinated, I woke up and was like, no thanks, I'm making a private membership association for my Airbnb, just listed my business: TemplisAquaria.com in the Freedom Travel Guide and joined as a member! Thanks for all you are doing"


"I joined FTA because I really appreciate what you are doing and want to support this initative. We joined in February. I recommend anyone that wants to continue to travel freely to join FTA as a member too."


"My understanding is that FTA is about much more than just offering flights. In my imagination this could create a whole industry that's based upon great values, as we have always wished for and by doing so, supporting (and rescuing) loads of small businesses that would otherwise just disappear"