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The Female Cycle

As a biologist * birthkeeper * and probably rainbow warrior^^

- I spread the knowledge about our cycle & fertility
Everything from how our cycle works, when we are fertile, how we know when we are fertile, how we can either avoid or aim to get pregnant to learning how to best ride the waves of being a woman on this planet.

- I paramana doula freebirths
Us women know how to birth - otherwise we wouldn't have survived as humanity. Birth is meant to be undisturbed to prepare us for motherhood.

- I am an everyday doula
Prebirth, postpartum or 'just' for everyday, I live at people's places and do everything from helping cook and garden, home/UNschool children, drive them places and do chores like laundry etc.

When we know how our cycle works, we are empowered in a way that cannot be taken away from us. There's so much wisdom & beauty in our female topics!


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