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Grab your seat to tonights newest course!

Join the Conversation: Class begins September 20, 2022 Hello Beautiful Humans! Dr. Rob Williams and Susan Sweetin here. We’d like to invite you to enroll in the Freedom Travel Academy course. We’re contacting YOU because you’ve experienced one or both of our two previous FTA online courses, and you understand the vital importance of Being Human in the midst of this Strange Civilizational and Evolutionary Moment for our Species. We both just spent one week on the road with Mattias Desmet, (read all about the trip HERE) author of the best-selling and much misunderstood book THE PSYCHOLOGY OF TOTALITARIANISM. So we are launching a course on Sept 20th featuring his book and we are THRILLED to say Mattias plus a few others will join in parts of the course as special collaborating guests!

We laughed, we cried, and we - the three of us - got to know each other as only Humans who travel together do. Mattias’ book is vital in understanding who we are as a species, where we’ve come from, and where we might be going. We all have some vital decisions to make - individually and collectively - and we have little time for tribalized sniping and partisan bickering. So grab you spot TODAY as we challenge THE PSYCHOLOGY OF TOTALITARIANISM and continue to Travel toward Freedom. Please share this email with anyone else who is interested in the same.

Breathe, Flow, and we look forward to seeing you TONIGHT at 7:30pm EST (September 20)

All classes will be recorded ENROLL HERE We got this, Team Human! Susan and Rob

James Masciale
James Masciale
Sep 20, 2022

I can’t make it tonight - can I enroll and join next week?



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