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Note that this was just the section of the march I could see, not the full turnout.

The marchers were peaceful and in good spirits, but reports in the Sydney Morning Herald (once a great newspaper, but no more) prominently reported any thing they can use to discredit the marchers, no matter how trivial.

For instance, on today's march in Melbourne: "Earlier, a number of prominent voices in the anti-lockdown movement spoke to protesters, as flags touting Donald Trump and far-right American website Infowars were flown in the crowd," and on Brisbane: "Thousands showed up for the 'People's Revolution' protest in Brisbane, holding signs criticising Premier Anastasia Palaszczuk, COVID-19 vaccine mandates and the media. One protester yelled 'hang the b*tch' at the rally, held in the CBD's Botanic Gardens, when the speaker began talking about Ms Palaszczuk."

Jan Vagg
22 nov 2021

I understand a Canberra walk, not near Parliament House, is planned. Last Canberra walk I heard of through News Australia totaled 300 walking across the bridges. Highlight was a bus driver tooting in agreement. One placard read I lost my mortgage and home due to covid. From the News Australia channel. Surely the Emperor's lack of clothes will be noticed soon. Although the next narrative will tuck in to a supportive story, like how no one had the flu last year because of handwashing, masks and distancing. Thank for the feedback.

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