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Note that this was just the section of the march I could see, not the full turnout.

The marchers were peaceful and in good spirits, but reports in the Sydney Morning Herald (once a great newspaper, but no more) prominently reported any thing they can use to discredit the marchers, no matter how trivial.

For instance, on today's march in Melbourne: "Earlier, a number of prominent voices in the anti-lockdown movement spoke to protesters, as flags touting Donald Trump and far-right American website Infowars were flown in the crowd," and on Brisbane: "Thousands showed up for the 'People's Revolution' protest in Brisbane, holding signs criticising Premier Anastasia Palaszczuk, COVID-19 vaccine mandates and the media. One protester yelled 'hang the b*tch' at the rally, held in the CBD's Botanic Gardens, when the speaker began talking about Ms Palaszczuk."



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