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Critically Thinking in the time of Covid Group

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Eric Rousseau
January 12, 2022 · joined the group along with .
Christina Jonsson
Lynn Ross
Lynn Ross
Jan 12, 2022

My husband and I are active freedom fighter on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. We are scheduled to move by the end of June from our home and do not know where it will be safe to go. We are looking for a like minded community where we can be free. We are both Canadian citizens although my husband although has a British passport which might be useful if we need to move abroad. Although we'd like to stay in British Columbia, we will move elsewhere, even out of the country if all our freedoms are stripped from us which is what they are attempting to do now. There is talk about mandating "shots" in 2 Canadian provinces. Our Prime Minister is more evil than Hilter and has actually paraphrased him in public speeches.

We'd love to connect with others who are having similar thoughts.



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