Membership Levels

The community we are creating is a group of passionate trailblazers defending freedoms and rights to travel the world. We honor people's right to travel freely, embracing cultures, wildlife, and the environment while creating shared economic opportunities.


Are you ready to be a part of something bigger and make an impact on the future of travel, tourism, and freedom!

Our $100 USD 'WINGS' basic annual membership drive is open now for a soft launch welcoming our community of natural health travelers who want the following benefits;

What are the member benefits?
Your memberships will allow you to become a part of a larger community of changemakers and trailblazers to influence the conversations and find solution providers who want to support your freedom to travel. Funds raised will be used to provide practical solutions, shape the travel and transportation industry by creating new and unique natural travel opportunities.
Current benefits include:

1. Access to the FOUNDERS LIVE UPDATES* First Tuesday of Each Month * 

2. As our membership base grows we will provide education and support to our members regarding travel documentation, ways to travel using Freedom Airway, and connecting you with other providers honoring your right to travel freely.

3. Travel restriction news and policy updates

4. FREEDOM travel packages

5. Opportunity to connect within the member's lounge and special offers to market your own businesses.

We have 3 levels of membership that include industry updates, freedom cities, our packages.

 CREW and PILOT are available for members who want to contribute more but specific packages aren't launched yet. We anticipate them to include:

  • Access to the articles, interviews, research analysis, and practical freedom-to-travel advice in our Freedom Traveler guide.

  • Invitations to Freedom gatherings for the natural health community around the globe

  • Jobs listings from an industry-specific career center

  • Access to educational webinars

Consider becoming a member, help support the work of the freedom founders and ensure the long-term sustainability of Freedom Travel Alliance & Freedom Airway.