Freedom to Travel

Updated: Jun 6

Freedom Airway & Freedom Travel Alliance our goal is to BE the alternative to sea, land, and air travel just as humanly and as divinely as possible!

Freedom Travel Alliance is bringing back dignity, decency, and joy, to travelers around the world, ready to move into post-Plandemic pleasures that never should have been taken, brought back. Enjoying the real world, in all its unchanged beauty, on excursions large and small, that will feel like the old days of travel.

Classic travel.

We are an international team of freedom lovers and solution artists. We come from travel, business, aviation, science, investigative journalism, human rights, and even biology and medicine.

We have a strong base of like-minded members, partners, and businesses eager to build the new travel culture we all crave, that will safeguard our rights to move around the world without being treated as a criminal, or subject to unlawful impositions on our bodies. This is no simple task, but we are overcoming hurdles every day, and collecting businesses with customers, ready to stop living in fear, while not subjecting either to punitive repercussions.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

– Nelson Mandela

Freedom Airway is for people of all walks of life and across the political spectrum. It’s open to anyone who enjoys a wide interest in and love of Travel!

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