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Unlimited Possibilities

Hello. I have been a personal and organisational coach for 20 years. Prior to running my own coaching practice - I worked for Ford Motor Company in a variety of roles - in the UK, Central Europe, EMEA and lived for a couple of years in the US. I am currently based in Poland and offer coaching and mentoring all over the world to whoever feels drawn to work with me.

I work with Senior Leaders on their own development potential and with top teams to support their business strategies. I am certified in a wide range of personality and psychometric instruments which can aid personal insight.

I am also a qualified personal trainer (not currently practicing) so can offer health, fitness and wellbeing support as well as coaching.

I work with individuals who feel an impartial support would be helpful to transform or transition their life circumstances or reach their potential.

I offer a 1 hour free "chemistry" session to individuals or business teams during which we explore how I might support you or your business.

Professional Services

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