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Life by Design

Through the Infinite Banking Concept, I help wealth-creators develop their own banking system so they can be free from outside lending. This allows them to profit from the investment opportunities available to individuals and businesses that have access to large amounts of cash with no strings attached.

As the first IBC practitioner under its founder, Nelson Nash, I can breakdown this complex system making it easy to learn and understand. I help my clients avoid credit card interest, car payments, and eventually house payments. This way of life is extremely peaceful and it has spiritual, relational, and physical benefits. In addition, my clients are in position to start or invest in businesses that can create multiple streams of income.

In 2017, I made the decision to continue as an IBC practitioner on a more selective basis so I could re-engage with Southwestern Advantage to mentor college students. We enable students to pay for their school, and, more importantly, we help them prepare for their future by learning valuable soft skills that come from selling and running a business. Their aim is to become the best version of themselves in the process.

I am eager to help and answer any questions. Send me an email at or call/text me: 205-500-2778.


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