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The Cinderella Effect

I help those in the performance arena such as athletes, performers (actors, comedians etc), executives and anyone who truly wants to excel in their life. It is for those who sabotage themselves due to unresolved childhood issues and the inner conflict that continues to weigh upon their present day living - the consequences of hiding their pain nnd sabotaging themselves is what won't allow them to thrive and be at their best.

I call this, the "Cinderella Effect" because of how painful family issues and childhood wounding have caused these people to feel less than, feel responsible, cheat themselves out of what they really desire and therefore cause issues with their performance, their health, the decision making process, self-trust, relationship issues and within the financial arena.

This work is deeply transformational because it's about coming home to oneself, to one's self-honouring and self-love and that's when our life begins to make sense and we become aligned with our True Self.

What is also deeply transformative is working through the unconscious belief patterns and the identities they took on to please everyone else but themselves - there's also a deep spiritual crises of not knowing that we are truly Spirit in human form and allowing the beauty of this truth to shine forth in all that we do.

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