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A new ecosystem that respects the rights of movement and travel without discrimination. So, if you believe that this idea needs to exist, come on in and join us now! We really appreciate your support. Thank you!

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The Idea

The  Reality




Freedom Travel Membership

Valid for 12 months

1 Year Membership (non-refundable)

What do you get with your Freedom Travel Membership(s):

  • With this membership, you will have full travel support to answer any questions or concerns you have about upcoming trips.

  • Helping our members get connected to those who can provide important documents during your travel that goes beyond your passports.

  • Access to the Member Lounge, where you will find your travel tribe family here to get connected!

  • Access to Members Only Zoom calls regarding flight opportunities to various destinations.

  • Travel restriction news and policy updates are posted in the lounge

  • FREEDOM travel packages.

  • Free entry in our Freedom Travel Guide and special offers to market your business via our networks.

  • Discounts on Conferences and Special Events​

  • Premiere Access to Special Live Online Events

  • Premium Business Listing inside FTA Travel Guide

  • Access to the articles, interviews, research analysis, and practical freedom-to-travel advice in our Freedom Travel Guide.

  • Invitations to Freedom gatherings for the natural health community around the globe

Are you ready to become a part of a worldwide community of changemakers and trailblazers, to influence the conversations and find solution providers who want to support your freedom to travel.  Welcome Aboard!

By becoming a member now, together we can realize our vision

to enable you to travel again with joy and in freedom!

Not sure you need all of our services? Just want to have one or two of your travel questions answered?

Book a Consultation Appointment with an FTA team member who can answer your questions on how to navigate the world of travel.

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