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Dr. Cherlene

Faith Based Counselling

We have a passionate desire to help people in Counseling using Gods guidance and Word, combined with our professional training and experience.
I run workshop on regaining mental health issue during this turbulent times and other related workshop about mental heath issue and the complexity of relationship between spouses, between families, partners etc.
As a Christian counselor, I am not limited to psychological techniques or to my own human effort and wisdom. I believe that God is the real authority in counseling and He gives us the resources to change. I believe counseling should involve praying about clients difficulties and looking to the authority of the Bible for guidance. In this way, I seek to encourage clients to trust and obey God and to build a dependency on God. The client can find forgiveness for the past, strength and comfort for the present, and hope for the future by trusting the Lord to daily meet needs and heal emotional wounds. I try to reflect the character of Jesus Christ and to love my clients as He does. While I do not try to force religion on my clients, I do urge them to develop a relationship with the only true Healer of body, soul and spirit, Jesus Christ.

Professional Services

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