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My mother has a 'crew' membership; I do not have a membership a of yet. She tells me you are branching out into helicopters and I wondered what you are looking to do and what you are looking for. Annie suggested I fill in this form so, here I am!

I am a licensed helicopter pilot holding an FAA, Transport Canada and UK CAA commercial. I have worked in the States for several years as a certified flight instructor and tour pilot; and two years in Canada as a utility pilot (covering a broad aspect of aerial applications including medevac and search and rescue), for example. At the moment I am in the UK looking for work with in the aviation community but unfortunately, the Covid situation is closing a lot of doors for me at present.

I am very interested in learning what you have to share and look forward to hearing from you. The work you are doing is fantastic; well done!

With all good wishes.


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