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Exclusive Holistic Sailing Retreats, Water Wellness Sailing Trips and Sabbatical Sailing Retreats.

Expect an uncharted experience facilitated by water whisperer, sailor captain, professional coach and energy healer, Mika Oceana, utilizing the sea-cret capacities of salt water.

Expand your Awareness, explore Consciousness and find out who and what you truly are with the finesse of services specifically designed for a transformational experience. The programs held onboard the 50ft catamaran are specifically designed to reconnect you to you, not to only find your purpose or heart's desire, but to actually set out to create your 'dreams' easily, effectively and joyfully.

Although aimed for worldwide sailing, since the plandemic LIFEASEA is sailing the paradisical islands of PUERTO RICO in the Caribbean Sea.

With a sovereign smile and a heart for freedom beyond all borders, there is a World of Water Wonders awaiting you when you come sail with Captain Mika.
Welcome Aboard.



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