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Vets2Home - Peaceful Pet Goodbyes

Our experienced and caring small team of vets (we are only 3) help families with an end-of-life companion animal, have a peaceful and dignified goodbye with a gentle two-step process, in the arms of their loved ones and in their own familiar surroundings, at home.
We TRAVEL to them, (no matter the animal and human vaccination status) and provide support, care and compassion at this most sad and challenging time.
We love animals and feel honoured to go the extra mile literally, to help them have a peaceful and calm passing, surrounded by all their loved ones.
We have been doing this blessed and wonderful work as the first U.K. dedicated end of life vet service for pets, for over 16 years in Sussex, U.K. and throughout the major world crisis of 2020-21. ❤️


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