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    Pure Body Extra: Natural Detox for a Health Reset

    There are toxins in the food we eat, water we drink, and air we breathe. Get a fresh start with Pure Body Extra. Zeolite is nature's detoxifier, cleansing toxins from the body so you can thrive in mind and body. Pure Body Extra uses purified, nanosized natural zeolite, making it the most effective detox on the market. In just a few taste-free sprays a day, you can help rid your body of heavy metals and toxins, and experience improved energy and well-being.

    Fast, Effective Relief

    Liquid zeolite gets to work within minutes of use. Pure Body Extra's nanosized particles are encapsulated within water molecule clusters for fast, effective relief. The negatively-charged zeolite works like a magnet, trapping positively-charged heavy metals and other toxins. Once inside the zeolite, toxins are tightly bound and are excreted within hours, for a natural cellular detox.


    Fulvic Minerals+: Give Your Body a Natural Edge

    Food used to provide everything our bodies needed to thrive. Decades of conventional farming methods have depleted the soil of nutrition, resulting in crops that look the same but are lacking in vital nutrients, especially trace minerals and fulvic compounds.

    Discover the goodness of Fulvic Minerals+ with natural fulvic compounds extracted from pure sources, trace minerals from sustainably-sourced seaweed, and natural clinoptilolite zeolite for maximum detoxification. It is lab-tested for purity and the drops are easy to add to your favorite drink for daily use.

    Fulvic Acid

    Formed over a long time as plant matter distills into complex organic substances, fulvic acid is a rich source of revitalizing compounds that cannot be replicated in a lab. Fulvic Minerals+ sources fulvic acid complex from a remote peat bog in Canada that is free of environmental toxins and rich in organic fulvic compounds. This fulvic acid is extracted without solvents, and concentrated into liquid drops for a powerful boost that benefits the whole body, supporting gut health, energy, immune function and more.

    Trace Mineral Complex

    Abundant in minerals, seaweed has long been consumed in Japan and other cultures for its health benefits. The marine alga in Fulvic Minerals+ has been sustainably harvested from nutrient-rich waters in the North Atlantic and contains dozens of trace minerals vital for optimal health. Unlike rock-based minerals, plant and algae-based minerals are in their most bioavailable form for the body.

    Natural Zeolite

    Natural zeolite Clinoptilolite supports detoxification by binding to heavy metals and other environmental toxins. The zeolite in Fulvic Minerals+ is the same one used in Pure Body drops, which has thousands of five-star customer reviews. Our zeolite undergoes a proprietary cleansing and sizing process so it's activated for maximum detox benefit in the gut.


Pure Body

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