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Chiropractic Wellness Center of Baltimore

Your brain, spinal cord, and nervous system control every cell and organ in your body. For this reason, a healthy spine equates to a healthy you.

Dr. Roeder utilizes state of the art technology, including motion x-ray, to get you well faster through specific spinal adjustments.

"Doc" is a health and wellness expert who is passionate about enabling YOU to live a higher quality of life. Through supplemental efforts to the best spinal care available, he teaches weight loss, how to make wiser food choices, detoxification and cleansing, and exercise training.

Chiropractic Wellness Center of Baltimore: Come in to get well, return to stay well.

Offer for FTA members: Initial visit including personal consultation, full exam, nerve pressure thermography scan, digital xrays and video fluoroscopy (motion xray) for $29 (normally $455).

We honor personal liberty and medical freedom above all else. God Bless the U.S.A.!


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