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Freedom Talks with Mads Palsvig

We just had a great Freedom Talks with Mads, Danish former trader (of Government bonds) who worked for some of the world's largest banks, from Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, Barclays, to Denmark's two largest banks UniBank and Danske Bank, and also served as informal advisor to the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen.
In 2011, he left the financial industry and came out as a banking critic and whistleblower. He has also launched a new political party, JFK21-Earth freedom knowledge, which has, among other things, bank reform in its sights.
Right now Mads is busy with his team organising the Northern Lights Convention in Sweden (13-15 May) which includes a stunning line up from the health freedom, political, finance sector who will come together with attendees to reimagine a system that is fair for all with freedom at its core. The event is hybrid so you can either join in person or online (for just €20). There is a great discount on tickets for the live event for outspoken academics and people who have been fighting actively for the restoration of respect for human rights and our inalienable rights, click on the button below to access.

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