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Plan V-TV/Episode 130: 5th Generation Warfare - The 21st Century Battle For Hearts and Minds If you understand the Propaganda model from Herman and Chomsky it is very easy to see through all the propaganda and techniques of manipulation. Unfortunately, most universities don't teach students or professors how to identify propaganda at a practical level anyway. And those who follow conspiracies already have an instinctive understanding of how the media functions. So why did Hedges and Chomsky fall for this narrative? The fear filter in the propaganda model is a plausible explanation for this and it is important we understand this mechanism precisely - to save ourselves. I believe the next false flag will be more sophisticated, especially with the roll out of the 5G infrastructure, and it is really important we question fundamental assumptions.

Obviously institutional analysis is fairly limited in describing the reason for the events that occurred in the last couple of years, so that forced me to search for other sources of information beyond my usual references and rethink how I view the world, largely because all nations were pushing this COVID narrative on their own citizens when it was obvious that there was no real threat to public health than the government policies and the media. The fictitious object of anxiety in the climate change narrative is carbon dioxide. In countering the climate change narrative, one really has to look into the motives and actors behind the Club of Rome and the ideology surrounding WEF and WWF - Transhumanism and Technocracy. The Left will resort to the 'scientific journals' or the IPCC and deem Climate Change as an existential threat without taking into consideration geoengineering and other factors. Deforestation is a consequence of industrialization but it is associated with their disdain for capitalism. It is the collective doom cult espoused by Michael Ruppert, Nafeez Ahmed, and Guy McPherson that spread fear and panic because they are so convinced of the computer modelling, like the ones that estimated the number of deaths in 2020 that bare no resemblance to reality.

James is correct that it is important to see this is as a different type of war that is being waged on humanity. The end goal behind this agenda is more enslavement and one world government.

Amy Harlib




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