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I admire you! It's only recently that I began to speak out. Only to people I knew. They listened reluctantly. In one case I started listing all the negative effects of the spike protein, all the VAERS, the lack of necessity to vaccinate because we ALREADY have safe and effective treatments for Covid. I WAS ON A ROLL. My friend was overwhelmed. Then she weakly shook her head and replied, "But I still love vaccines." I felt like a mother trying to wean her daughter from dating a corrupt heroin addict." Next case was the receptionist of my chiropractor. A really nice young woman (I'm 79) who is very friendly and helps me with my administrative tasks (insurance, making appointments, etc.) I decided to share my knowledge of supplements to prevent Covid. I gave her information about Cofix nasal spray, Listerine, reducing viral load. I noticed she was wearing an N95 mask (masks are required in the medical office). The sides of the mask were completely open (i.e. about 1/2 inch or more from her face) allowing the air free flow to enter. I pointed this out, but she stated that she thought at least her nose and nasal passages were covered by the mask. SUCH FAITH. I told her that the overhead ceiling fan and the door opening and closing probably provided enough ventilation to keep her safe. I did not keep arguing since she seemed somewhat upset and will probably end up thinking that I am crazy. Maybe I am. Early onset dementia caused by the stress of being unvaccinated in our increasingly polarized society. In another case, I forwarded a hilarious comedy routine with Russell Brand imitating the mice squeaking as they were killed in vaccine trials. Only 8 mice! My friend immediately forwarded back to me a link to fact checkers disputing the Boston study showing that gain of function in Boston is using mice to perform deadly experiments. I replied with a VERY LONG email showing all the dangers of the new booster shots and their damaging effect on children--ZERO EVIDENCE. I reported that my course on propaganda "How Not To Be Fooled" from showed that nearly every fact checking organization was funded by big Pharma, Anthony Fauci, Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation, Black Rock, etc. You can't believe the fact checkers! I argued: We can't have it both ways. The new booster shots were validated based on results from 8 mice. If mice get enhanced antibodies from mRNA vaccines--that proves efficacy! Although we don't know the relationship between antibodies and Covid infections. Do antibodies prevent infection/hospitalization/death? No studies to confirm this although it seems reasonable. It's like using tumor size to predict seriousness of cancer. People still dying of cancer--even when the drug reduced their tumor size. So if mice can prove boosters are OK--then mice can prove gain of function studies are continuing to be funded. Who cares what the kill rate is! We should not be funding experiments to weaponize viruses! It's crazy. One pandemic is enough! I would advise you and Bob to postpone getting boosted with the new bivalent boosters as long as possible. I think you will see increasing evidence that these new boosters are extremely damaging to your health. Many countries are now banning vaccine mandates for people under 50. The rates of Covid deaths are now much lower for 3rd world countries who were (fortunately) unable to obtain mRNA vaccines due to refusal of Bill Gates et al to make them available. Unfortunately, Connie and my brother, Bob, are in their mid 70's, the population that is most at risk and most likely (according to the CDC, WHO, and big Pharma) to benefit from vaccine. They are no longer openly denouncing my attitude toward vaccines. Connie earlier tried to persuade me that Ivermectin was useless and clogging hospitals with unvaccinated people dying of Ivermectin horse medicine. This turned out to be false, but Connie is still very protective of her granddaughter whom she wants to be vaccinated as soon as possible while her evil father is resisting this necessary public health remedy. The granddaughter DID get Covid, and so did her mother. They were all better in 2 or 3 days--but it was awful since the mother lost income since she works free lance and couldn't work for those days. (I suppose they will now all get vaccinated to make sure they are REALLY safe.) You can't make this up! Well, yes, you can. Here is a comment from Mark Crispin Miller's substack COMMENT ON MarkCrispinMiller's substack: Actually, the government’s ‘New History of Death’ explains that ALL deaths occur because the deceased did not receive enough vaccines. JFK was infected by an early variant of Covid by Lee Harvey Oswald; anti vaxxers later rewrote history and said he was shot. Same with RFK and Sirhan Sirhan, Abraham Lincoln and John Wilkes Boothe, John Lennon and Mark Chapman, Julius Caesar and Brutus, even Christ and Pontius Pilate. All were anti-vaxxers who transmitted deadly variants of the corona virus, and were deservedly infected and killed. Had they simply shut up and gotten all the injections they were ordered to, they would still be around. Vaccinations actually confer immortality; you just have to receive thousands of them. So everyone quit complaining and get AT LEAST 10 vaccines a day, everyday!

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