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Hi y'all from beautiful Montreal:

Re the #EliminateTheControlGroup argument that came up this evening (great session, once again!). As Mark suggested, that is clearly a primary driver behind the single-minded & vicious take-no-prisoners push to impose a universal #VaxPassport system.

Here's another (& I believe equally strong) motivator:

Those we are up against ***really want and intend*** to use #VaxPass as Trojan horse. Objective: a huge step toward rollout of a universal China style Social Credit Rating system -- incorporating all of an individual's associates, activities, health, habits, family, finances, physical movements & interactions. Ugh. And Ughly.

This is the dystopian nightmare we all see and feel in our gut is coming. A control freak's dream.

Very alluring to the powerful. Offers prospect of permanent & total control to those in charge of #SecurityState.

We already carry our 'smart'phones everywhere. Obligatory #DigitalID virtually guarantees 'they' can identify, & instantly step on, even the smallest, earliest, tiniest hint of revolt or 'deviance'' from what is considered acceptable behaviour and thought. Already, the scope of these boundaries is being narrowed daily!

Here it is, below, in graphic format. (Hope you can magnify the small type on your end. If not I can use my meagre tech skills to try to blow up the type size and provide in sections)


Two threads (both from Twitter) provide much more on this #NewStasi.

first is from Cory Morningstar

second is *much* longer and demonstrates how this system is already operational on another continent:


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