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Critically Thinking in the time of Covid Group

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@Rosemary Howell Listening to your comments at last Friday's conversation catch-up prompted this message: U.K. Column News ( is a great source for news on Covid in Britain and Australia. They also report on child abuse and have a page for this on their website. One of their team, Alex Thompson, is particularly knowledable on this topic.

Rosemary Howell
Rosemary Howell
Rosemary Howell
14 nov 2021

Thanks Mark. Yes I listen to UK column, but not as often as Id like to. They’re the only thing to make sense in this insane world at present. And I’ll look at their website as you suggest. It was lovely talking to you all. I unfortunately haven’t been able to attend the Critical Thinking meetings as time wise they don’t start until midnight and finish at 2am.

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