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Critically Thinking in the time of Covid Group

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Hi Team Human! Will there be a discussion group meeting this Friday at 3? I was unable to attend the live meeting of the last session and have been unable to access the recording, so I don’t know if this was announced (or not) this past Monday.

Christina Jonsson
Jan 06, 2022

James Masciale Did you sign up for a membership for Freedom Travel Alliance? I signed up for the Bronze level. I don't need to relocate or travel now so that level is sufficient for me. I think it costs $100 a year. It is a way to support FTA.

That membership gave me more access to communication with the group. I have yet to be billed for it.

I'm on the FTA email list now. They have a lot more going on besides our class. The group depends on participation from the membership. That's a good thing in my opinion.



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