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FTG spotlight: Lee Davy

This is the first of our FTG (Freedom Travel Guide) spotlights on FTA members that are listed in our Freedom Travel Guide.

Lee Davy is a health and breath work coach and so much more, having recently studied natural law with the Sovereigns Way. We asked him to share some information about who he is and what services he offers:

i: am; merely a guide on your sacred journey to open your mind, honour your spirit and hone your physical as you once again become the embodiment of Divinity in form;

Purpose is to guide you to unlock the ascended master and authentic leader within, empowering you to heal, self-source and expand, as you optimize your form and activate your

– true – self;

Mission is to create a clear, motivational, accountable path for those seeking transformation, purpose, and reconnection by providing the tools for metamorphosis, the understanding to regain sovereignty and the vision to create unified alliance individually and collectively;

Vision is to weave into the fabric of physical reality, the quantum principle of oneness into all that we are, and all that we do to create a unified world; cultivating a new model of collaboration, co-creation and enterprise from community members exchanging authentic leadership roles, transforming social, societal, business, global governance norms and landscapes, with the understanding of law common to i, and how to operate from the higher laws that govern all of creation;

Together we will collaboratively reawaken an inquisitive, playful spirit of infinite self discovery and higher consciousness, to again walk in this world with honour, integrity and radical self responsibility; the power to actualize the greater self lies dormant in everyone

Check out my free 5D Breathwork Masterclass, Self Mastery Programs and book a free discovery call today!

If your Freedom Loving Business isn't listed in our Freedom Travel Guide, register here.

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