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Welcoming 2024

As we bid farewell to 2023 and set our sights on the dawn of 2024, there are notable indications of efforts to promote a restrictive globalist agenda that could jeopardize individual freedoms. Amidst this uncertainty, the Freedom Travel Alliance offers a beacon of hope.

This network, uniting people across more than 180 countries, was founded on love. For those unfamiliar, I'm Susan, much like many mothers out there, initially unaware of the true meaning of 'True Informed Consent.' I entrusted the Big Pharma cartel with my most precious gift from God. However, witnessing my son endure a vaccine injury empowered me to say "no."

No to mandates, no to liberty-limiting lockdowns. I channeled all my fighting energy into crafting the world I envisioned—one where people of all statuses could travel freely. Motivated by love for my son and a vision of the world I wanted him to inherit, I declared, "Let my build be my fight." Established in 2021, Freedom Travel Alliance (FTA) provides resources and support for families to travel without fear of new globalist requirements.

Reflecting on the early days when Dolores Cahill and I conceived this idea, nothing else seemed to matter. Time itself seemed inconsequential as long as we could bring this idea to fruition. It was about ensuring my son and all children could grow up without limitations or fear, chasing their dreams freely.

From humble beginnings, we built a global tribe that has helped thousands travel freely over the past three years. FTA has made strides in health freedom and financial sovereignty, sharing solutions like The Sovereigns Way's "Law for Mankind." Our children face a challenging world filled with red tape and bureaucracy, but FTA stands as a beacon against limiting opportunities.

The globalist agenda aims to restrict freedom through increased surveillance and control. Yet, decentralized innovation continues to progress. Challenges persist, but love and understanding triumph over the machinery of control. Those who build now sow the seeds for tomorrow's harvest.

Despite the roadblocks proposed by various world bodies, citizens awaken and seek alternatives, co-creating a new world. FTA embodies this constructive resistance, creating networks for people to move freely. Thanks to brave members like you, we expand our horizons, addressing your concerns.

Following the question of 'where's safe to go?' FTA members often ask, 'What do I do if I get sick once I’m there?' In response, we're excited to announce the upcoming January launch of Freedom Health Connect, an innovative wellness solution taking the guesswork out of your healthcare journey.

Today marks the first day of the new year. As we bid farewell to 2023, our commitment to building bridges and guiding those in pursuit of self-determination remains unwavering. In the spirit of celebration, let's uncover the essence of liberation and community within every human heart. There's no greater joy than navigating this world without the burden of fear or limitation.  You, as the earlier joiners,  together WE are the pioneers in the Freedom movement, you recognized early on that constructing what we need is far more effective than battling to remain part of something we don't desire.

I hope you will stay with me on this journey into 2024, where together, we continue to forge the world we envision and passionately build the future we desire.

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