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Lawyers for Freedom

Updated: May 11, 2022

Many of you can support and connect with the lawyers around the world standing up for and defending our freedoms!

Health Freedom Defense Fund

Website about health freedom and other topics.

⚖️E. David Smith, Esq.

⚖️Smith & Associates

⭐️Solving Complex Legal Matters for Smart Business People

⭐️Legal Advisors with the Wisdom and Commitment You Need

🏛570 Lexington Avenue, 23rd Floor

New York, New York 10022

Telephone: (212) 661-7010

Facsimile: (866) 882-7256

🏛New Jersey Office:

400 Broadacres Drive, Suite 260

Bloomfield, New Jersey 07003

Telephone: (973) 365-2770

Facsimile: (866) 882-7256

🏛Firm Website:

Direct Email:

LinkedIn: E. David Smith

Facebook: Smith & Associates

Follow me on Twitter @EDavidSmith

I look forward to discussing your matter with you. Please schedule an exploratory call using the following link:


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Just attended' Susan's & David's Latest 'Video on Freedom' .

Absolutely'' Informative' Clarity' ...'Empowerment' !

They'' Both Worked Well Together,..'RolePlay',...'Splendid Concise' Messenger's

to Help Us' Understand the 'Repugnant Being's 'WE Shall Rid' Of Our World !

Thank You,..SO Much .


(Phantom Poster) LOL . I too joined some time back....Sadly Await'g Funds to do More .

But, Also to See Progress/Help here. ...Slow, However things Start'g to Move .

Learning Much at World Alliance Forum.(Search-Study'') Thats where i Became Aware' of Great' Do View the Wonderful Delores Cahill (Ire) . . ...And Others . Taking Care , Ian . ( NZ - AU )

Search' ( WakeUp )...More Corruption)'.


My partner and I have been together since 2011. We've applied for K1 visa. I am UK he is US. How will we be able to travel without eventually having to have vaccine (I have to have vaccines before adjustment of status when the time comes) and how can we travel without paying for testing. Can we both move to a country whereby this is not necessary? Also how do so prove on moral grounds to the medical team at the embassy that my reasoning for not wishing to take vaccine is good enough for themnot to deny me out k1 visa on that basis alone. We are not spring chickens, 43 and 62, neither have children or married before.…

Respondendo a

Nope not yet :) Are you on the Facebook group sites?! Updates of third countries people go to to see their loved ones is popular and folks explain how they do it with testing etc. Very informative. If you don't need to go third country route you can just find a country that is feasible for you to visit someone that don't have strict restrictions. I think currently the popular placeshave been Aruba,Croatia, A couple of the islands and CanCun, but Cancan has been put on the red list I believe. People are still just all depends on your individual situation and responsibilities with time money willingness to pay for tests etc. I think the least restrictive placeshave been…


Hi Do any of these lawyers assist with travelling? Eye will be flying from England too America soon and would welcome any information/assistance etc as eye will not be wearing a mask or taking their covid test.

Respondendo a

If you have any information on obtaining a negative test without taking the c test or any other forms of exemption it would be most welcomed, peace...eye was aware of this video and listened too some of it if not all of it though eye will be in taking it again


I just want to thank you for putting this together. I live in "free Florida" and even here employers are mandating vaccinations for employees or contractors. I have many anguished friends trying to decide between their jobs that support their families and getting the shot. We have to vocalize more people that have taken up the fight and won. The vaccine may be good for some but not for others. We have to protect our right to choose.

Respondendo a

Not to me! Typo. Meant to say time and time again hahaha

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