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You've used up your carbon credits for this month...

Think this is far-fetched? Dare we say, just a conspiracy theory? We know many of you are well aware of the agenda and perhaps some might not have gotten there yet. We know they have to tell us what they're going to do, so here it is in black and white from the WEF's own website:


So against a backdrop of huge increases in all cause-related deaths and miscarriages and just before #DiedSuddenly was aired, G20 leaders continued with their Lockstep and signed a declaration to introduce vaccine passports for international travel in the next year. In the last fews days France banned domestic flights with Britain being "called to follow suit" by a think tank, Intergenerational Foundation.[1] Not that we subscribe to the need to reduce CO2 emissions but a study in the Journal of Transport Geography found that banning domestic and short haul flights was “useless and possibly counterproductive”.


Oxford council has just passed a resolution to pilot a new initiative in 2024: the 15 Minute City where the city is divided into ‘15 minute" districts. The Council states that "In each district, most households essentials will be accessible by a quarter of an hour walk or bike ride, so residents wouldn’t need a car."The council plans to cut car use and traffic congestion so if any of the 150,000 residents travel outside of their district more than 100 days in a year, they could be fined £70. What if your child's school is in another district, or an after-school club, or someone has a job in another district? Maybe you need to think about how these selfish habits impact your carbon footprint. Selfish. There's that word again. Remember being accused of being selfish for not taking part in that gene therapy trial?

The Oxford County Council Travel Chief said that the plan will go ahead whether people like it or not. Buses, coaches, taxis, motorbikes, and bikes are exempt. See how this plan encourages people to give up their cars and use public transport or a bike (which you can't go very far on). You will own nothing and... not be able to travel far because you gave up your car.

The Sunday Times reported that: Hotelier Jeremy Mogford, who owns the Old Bank Hotel in High Street and the Old Parsonage Hotel and Gees, both in Banbury Road, described the plan as disastrous for business.

He previously told the Oxford Mail: "What we have is people making decisions that don’t live in the city centre or spend much time in the city.

"We’re being dictated to by councilors who don’t live here."

The late Rosa Koire warned us that our local districts were being infiltrated by unelected cheerleaders of Agenda 30. I watched her presentation at the Open Mind Conference in 2014. Rosa published Behind the Green Mask, UN Agenda 21 in 2011. She was previously a forensic commercial real estate appraiser based in California, and through her work, she became aware of the nefarious intent behind Agenda 21/30 and raised awareness through talks and campaigning.

More recently UK campaigner, Sandi Adams gave an updated view on Agenda30.

Thankfully, too we are seeing politicians challenging the plans, just in the last week, Senator Antic from South Australia did a live on smart cities.

Centralized Banking

A the same time we are seeing Central Bank representatives and Government ministers discussing the need for the Central Bank Digital Currency to be linked to Social Credits. We know that the cost of living crisis is by design.

Looking back over the last (nearly) 3 years, the Covid crisis was the trigger for many to become aware of the NWO agenda and the so-called “elite” perpetrators as they told us their plans and we witnessed their steps to reach their goal. The issue for “them” is that during this time, their architects have become more prominent, and more well-known, at the same time as these incremental steps have come into sharp focus. Three years ago, who had heard of Klaus Schwab or Anthony Fauci and his heinous crimes against humanity and animals? How many of us had heard about The Great Reset as laid out in Mr. Schwab’s blueprint? But knowing about an agenda and knowing what to do about it are two very different things. We can all get lost down the dark rabbit holes or paralyzed in horror and disbelief following the various crimes against humanity, ultimately though we know that it’s not a spectator sport and lack of action makes us complicit at best and culpable at worse.

What can you do RIGHT NOW?

Join us! Here at FTA we know “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” Since FTA was launched nearly two years ago, during the second lockdown and the mask mandates, and restrictions, the travel landscape has changed dramatically, though there are still restrictions and mandates in place in some countries. While USA and the Biden Administration have held tight to their mandates for foreign travelers but now we MUST mention at FTA , well we have our workaround for those wishing to visit the states- so if that's you join us today!

While many countries have removed the restrictions and b.s. mandates, FTA is not waiting in the wings we ARE building them! Because we know this is a temporary relief for long-term pain - so our FIGHT is our BUILD....

Are you ready to build with us and create what so many said was impossible?

And to all our current and past members- THANK YOU! You understood what we are building and with your support, we can say we have flown hundreds of people on private flights and have spent hours coming up with creative lawful solutions to help those who could only travel on commercial airlines!

We have done so much this year but have miles to go, stay with us, come aboard and together let's bring the JOY back to the Journey!

[1] This charity has a relatively small income but to be quoted in the national press it is having a big impact. Interestingly regarding income their record on the Charity Commission states that they raise funds from the public but there’s no information on this, and it’s hard to see how they could raise funds from the public when they are so small. It would be good to know who is funding this narrative.

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